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RULES AND REGULATIONS: In order to guarantee your child and other children in the school safe, enjoyable experience, the ICCSC Sunday Islamic School is utilizing the following discipline policy.

STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT: All students are expected to dress modestly and islamically. No one is expected to come in shorts or leggings while the female students are expected to cover their heads.

• Children must listen when spoken to.

• Children are to be respectful to staff and other students.

• Children are required to obey all school rules as directed by staff.

• Children will be respectful of ICCSC property and materials.

• Children must use appropriate language at all times.

• Children must turn off any cell phones and electronic devices in class sessions and assemblies.

If a child breaks a rule, the following will apply: 1st consequence: Verbal Warning 2nd consequence: Time-Out for 5 minutes 3rd consequence: Time-Out and loss of in-school privileges. Parent notified of the problem. 4th consequence: One Sunday suspension from school. Parent notified of problem. No refund of school fees. Severe disruptions immediately go to 4th consequence or expulsion. This occurs if a child severely disrupts, willfully harms property or person, refuses to obey staff or engages in actions that stop the teacher or other students from learning. Constant misbehavior will result in expulsion from the school without refund of school money. Children who follow the rules could possibly earn: special privileges, verbal praise, and prizes.


Students are expected to attend every scheduled class on time. If a child will be absent, it is the parents’ responsibility to inform the teacher by phone or email, and to get the missing homework from the teacher. 3 absences with no teacher contact will result in the student’s expulsion. A student late (15 minutes or more) to school needs to obtain a Late Pass to go to class. 3 incidents of tardiness will initiate a meetings with the parents.

ASSEMBLIES: Each Sunday will begin, Inshallah, with an assembly and prayers in the Main Hall at 9:45 am; the school day will also end with assembly and prayers in the Main Hall. Assemblies will also be provided for education and/or student recognition. Students are required to stay with their supervised and assigned class during assemblies. The classroom Code of Conduct will apply. We ask that students not be dismissed early from school while attending an assembly.

DRESS CODE: All clothing must be modest and clean, in accordance with Islam. • Boys will be expected to wear full-length, loose-fitting pants and shirts with no distracting words/graphics • Girls will be expected to wear full-length, loose-fitting pants, loose-fitting shirts with no distracting words/graphics, and head coverings. Students violating the Dress Code will face the consequences enlisted in the Code of Conduct. As children will be spending recess outside every Sunday (weather permitting), parents are responsible for sending their children with appropriate outerwear. HALLWAY PASSES: Students who are out of class for any reason must have a Hallway Pass issued by a teacher or staff. Students without a Hallway Pass will be sent back to the scheduled class or location. Once classes are in session, no parents will be allowed beyond the stairs, unless they are volunteering.

EXAMS AND EVALUATIONS: Before placement, all new students will be evaluated, according to criteria determined by the Principal and teachers. Besides quizzes given at the discretion of the teachers, students will be tested, in written and/or oral forms depending on the subject and the age of the children, twice a year: once in winter and the second in spring. Students will need to pass both Exams to be promoted to the next level.

PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES: Parents will be given the opportunity to attend 2 scheduled conferences with their child’s teacher; the first Conference will follow the winter Exam and the second will be held before the Final Exam in spring. If the parent is unable to attend the Conference on the scheduled day, a meeting may be scheduled at the teacher’s discretion.

BULLYING: Bullying, harassment, or intimidation is prohibited. Any student who feels he/she has been subjected to these acts is encouraged to complain to a staff member or an administrator. Students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly, courteous, dignified and respectful manner.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER/EMAIL: Please inform us as soon as possible when you move or have a change of address, phone number (home or cell), and/or e-mail address. These n